Tensioned structure for college in Chile

Sioen T2117T: excellent choice for Arqtex's Chile playground cover. Fluo²Max membrane offers best performance, high UV radiation protection and 20-y warranty.

  • San Antonio, Chile
  • Fluo²max Type II - T2117T
  • 675m²

At the Fernandez Leon College in Llolleo, Chile, Arqtex has utilized the cutting-edge Sioen Fluo²Max membrane T2117T for their tensioned playground cover. The T2117T is the latest in high-durability membrane technology, offering the best possible performance with maximum longevity. From its unique features to its proven results, the T2117T is the perfect choice for any playground cover.

The structure

The roof is a tensile structure, based on a PES-PVC textile and steel structure. The fabric is supported by rigid edge elements (arches and beams) and prestressed by flexible edge elements (cables), transferring the prestressing forces and other loads to the rest of the supporting steel structure, anchors and foundations.

Arched structure with Sioen T2117T Fluo²Max

Arqtex professionals

The professional team at Arqtex Ltda. have conducted an extensive structural analysis to ensure the successful and precise execution of the project. This analysis included: a) Designing the entire structure; b) Establishing load assumptions; c) Structural analysis of the membranes; d) Structural analysis of the steel structure; e) Structural analysis of anchors and foundations. In order to guarantee an integrated and reliable information system, Arqtex have employed different commercial software, integrated with its own code. This ensures the analysis model is an accurate representation of the eventual construction.

The membrane

The Sioen Fluo²Max membrane T2117T is the perfect choice for Chile and other regions with high UV radiation levels. Thanks to its TiO₂ prime coat barrier and PVDF topcoat on both sides, this next-generation high-durability membrane provides the best performance possible. With a 20-year warranty to prove its durability and a breaking strength of 4300 N/5cm, tear strength of 600 N in warp and superior adhesion of 120 N/5cm, the 900-gram membrane is perfect for welding. Plus, it comes with a variety of fire certificates for even greater peace of mind.

In breve

America Latina
Le membrane Fluo²max
Tipo di struttura
Arch. Diego Achurra
Arch. M.Eng. Carla Cortés
Ing. Felipe Trovatti Grecco


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