Available colour range

Colours and contextures presented here are given as indicative colours. Please check samples for physical correspondence.

The following colours are the basic colours. Please contact us if you need any other colour.

Custom-made membranes

For you to be able to design or manufacture the membrane structure that will make you and your client excel, the membrane should, among others, be adapted to the weather conditions in the project’s area, to the width and strength requirements that are needed for the construction of the project. Colour, will, of course, remain an important factor in choosing a certain membrane and luckily, Sioen Tensile Architecture can provide you with the colour you desire.

Our standard colours

All of our membrane ranges are available on stock in certain colours. For each range, white is a standard colour and the other colours depend on the range you are interested in. The colours we don’t have on stock can be delivered on request. While a standard colour might be a faster solution, custom-made colours might suit your project better.

An inexhaustible colour range available

As you have a clear idea of which colour your textile membranes should have, Sioen Tensile Architecture puts a lot of effort in finding the exact colour that matches your previous products, your customer’s brand logo, etc. If you come to us with the exact RAL colour you would like to have, our Sioen Chemicals department can manufacture the desired pigment paste, meaning that we don’t depend on other suppliers for finding the accurate colour.

You can order a very large range of colours. There might, for example, even be more than 350 shades of blue that were produced before in our manufacturing plant in Ardooie. However, there are still numerous types of blue left unpicked and it is no problem at all to find the colour you want and start producing membranes in that colour.

Besides the regular colours, you also can find silver, copper, gold and rosé. These spectacular colours give extra lustre and grandeur to your architectural design. Once you we have produced the membrane in your preferred colour, we keep a sample of the coated fabric. That way, we can make sure that we can reproduce the exact same colour for your future order.

The production of coloured membranes

With our broad experience in vertical integration and colouring solutions, we have the ability to produce the colouring solution itself, to blend that colouring solution into a homogeneous paste and varnish for the top coat and to apply those pastes and varnishes in the coating plant.

Sioen Chemicals

As part of Sioen’s vertical integration, our Sioen Chemicals department produces the pigment pastes and varnishes we use to dye our membranes. They produce colouring solutions for a vast variety of third party clients. About 70% of their production is used externally. Sioen Chemical’s colour range contains tens of thousands of colours.

Our coating paste

The pigment pastes are then delivered at our membrane manufacturing plant. They are mixed into the right colour and consistency.


For any of the coating technologies that are used, the precision of the coating layers always is decisive to reach homogeneous colours. Therefore, the distribution of the paste on the fabric is meticulously monitored in both direct coating, online and transfer coating plants where your membranes are made.

Importance of colours

Ever since the very beginning of civilisation, colours have played a major role. It still influences our daily lives, as it is part of our communication, designs and influences us psychologically. As colour is a sensory perception, it affects our emotions, the way we interpret symbols and other communicative acts.

What’s more, colours are extremely important in architecture and the choice of certain colours depends on cultural influences, the local scenery, etc. Of course, the colour choices also depend on the contemporary and popular fashion ideas.