A lightweight and high-translucent atrium to feel like "an open air market"

The high translucency membrane (Fluoscrim) provides natural light comfort and plant growth while creating a dynamic and aesthetic effect.

  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  • Fluoscrim Type II - T2198
  • 3 000m²

A covered extension of Centro Commercial Quinta Alegria has been performed to enhance visitor's experience.
The most striking added value in this project is provided by the reinforced high translucence skin we provided, the Fluoscrim (T2198). This material enabled the development of a large span structure with minimized secondary structure for a neat result. The outcome is that the high translucency provided by the Fluoscrim reduces the sense of enclosure while creating a dynamic and aesthetic effect.

Like a soap bubble skin: combining transparency and large span

Fluoscrim composite membrane is a high translucent and water tight membrane. The flexible technical textile composite allows the creation of large span enclosures to push the boundaries of building envelop creativity.

The perception of roof's lightness, is provided on one hand, by the structural reinforcement mesh which minimise the supporting structures (and therefore optimising material use per square meter), and on the other, by the transparent coating finish which allows a natural see-through at 7 meters distance from the surface.

This neat effect could only be realised thanks to the capability to directly weld our membrane together using high frequency welding. Indeed the fluoscrim is directly weldable with our vinyl membrane from our architectural range. The two membrane types are making strong joins with conventional HF equipment, it allows you to create reliable structures using in house equipment and expertise.

Lightweight and durable: Using cutting edge technologies

This building technology empowers you to build up tenfold lighter than conventional glass and steel system. Themselves, the membranes used in this project weight under a kilogram per square meter.

The transparent coating is composed of high translucence (98+%) PVDF which have displayed no yellowing or degradation during our extensive studies on weatherability. Thanks to the excellent coating resistance and stability, the material display a service life of 30 years +.

In brief

Latin America
3 000m²
Structure type
translucent, plain, high-translucence

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