Diplomat tower's parking wrapped in 50 shades of grey with facade meshes

Tensile facade system to wrap up efficiently miami's golf course parking garage

  • Miami Beach, United States
  • Facade Type - W656021LV
  • 1 800m²

Our facade element with 50% porosity offers innovative, lightweight and economical alternatives to metal mesh parking garage screening. The tensile mesh fabrics offers limitless design options and custom colours.

During renovation of the Diplomat's golf course, a geometric character has been developed using exterior fire rated tensile fabrics to create a more defined golf's surrounding at contained budget.

Facade Element 50% fits your project ventilation and opacity requirements

Parking garages are usually wrapped with a facade screening to cover the typical boring and ugly "shoebox" design. However it also must be maintained as as well for ventilation.

For an open parking garage to be classified as "open" per your specific building code/governance (for example the 2018 International Building Code IBC 406.5.2) it needs a certain openness to the screening material.

Our facade element mesh 50% has 53% opening allowing natural ventilation and maintaining views through the facade skin. It eliminates the need for mechanical ventilation in most cases.

An economical & performing alternative to metal mesh, perforated metal and glass

At approximatively 50% of the cost of the metal mesh screens (installed), our flame retardant weather resistant lightweight meshes are clear solutions for developpers, architects and contractors who don't want to sacrifice design but need to contain costs. Facade element meshes are engineered to survive extreme weather conditions at a fraction of the weight of the metal option.

Our durable silver metallic finish looks like the expensive metal mesh.

12 year warranties / up to 20-30 years Year Life Expectancies

The technologies developped to produce the facade element meshes provide you with a lightweight long lasting building skin which:

  • reduces the expenses in maintenance/life cycle cost. No expensive metal screen refinishing is required.
  • has a better light, noise and pollution masking compared to metal.
  • reduces solar heat gain
  • has low environmental impacts compared to the above mentioned solutions.

In brief

1 800m²
Structure type
mesh, high-translucence

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