Design update of the US Pavilion in Spokane's Riverfront park receives numerous design awards

Successful architectural rewriting of the US pavilion of Expo '74 using textile kites on a cable net structure.

  • Spokane, United States
  • Fluo²max Type III - T3117T
  • 1 800m²

SIOEN effectively partnered with Guildworks, delivering the desired lightweight membrane for the architectural rewriting of this US Pavilion.

SIOEN architectural textile membrane fluo2max type III (T3117T) was selected to provide the best result for this iconic project.

Our textile fabric was chosen for multiple reasons:

  • its required weathering conditions resistances,
  • its lightweight to strength ratio,
  • its production consistence for a neat shape outcome.

As a result, the retrofitted pavilion was locally and internationally well received with 16 international, national and local awards.

Retroffing a landmark Pavilion from Expo '74

After careful study of the pavillion with the latest, tensile structure, FEM software. Guildworks' team made delicate rewriting to bring this iconic structure into the future while still honoring the past design.

The U.S. Pavilion in Spokane, Washington was intended to be a temporary structure built for the Expo ‘74. GuildWorks kept the existing cable net structure and used SIOEN architectural membranes to create a new partial tensile array for the pavilion that would beautifully shade the ground where events take place.

Successful architecture rewriting: locally accepted and internationally acclaimed

The retrofitted pavilion was locally and internationally acclaimed with 16 international, national and local awards.

Among the awards are the highest levels of recognition offered from these prestigious organizations:

  • Design-Build Institute of America’s Project of the Year 2020,
  • The National Recreation and Park Association’s Innovative Design award winner,
  • The Construction Management Association of America’s 2020,
  • National Achievement Award and 2020 Project of the Year Award,
  • Engineering News-Record’s Landscape/Urban Development Best Project,
  • and the Illuminating Engineering Society International’s Award of Distinction for Outdoor Lighting Design 2020.

Guildworks - architecture of the air

If you would like to know more about Guildworks' work on this pavilion, please consult their blogs on the project :

  1. Guildworks
  2. Beatriz Fereyrra

In brief

1 800m²
Structure type
plain, translucent

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