Buildair uses Sioen’s Easyfluo membrane for an inflatable airplane hangar in Saudi Arabia

The H75 by Buildair that was created to store the Airbus A330-300 is made with our Easyfluo membrane. The inflated construction is portable and modular.

  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Easyfluo Type 0 - T0117E
  • 58 000m²

Our Easyfluo membrane was used by Buildair to manufacture an air supported inflatable hangar for airplanes in Saudi Arabia. This large but light inflated structure measures 90 by 95.11 metres. It covers 8560 m2 of useful area not counting the inside columns. The hangar is designed to store the Airbus A330-300.

The Sioen Easyfluo range is perfect for this type of constructions, as it is easy to handle, durable and lightweight. For this project, 58000m2 of Easyfluo membranes were used.

Buildair is a world-renowned Spanish producer of large inflatable structures and hangars. They "cover the complete lifecycle of the product, from the design to the integral support, including engineering, manufacturing, set-up and maintenance."

The most pertinent part of the inflatable structure are, of course, the inflatable tubes. The stiffness of the structure is kept constant by a low internal pressure inside the tubes. An Automatic Control System checks the pressure and the tubes are kept stable thanks to an innovative straps network.

The Buildair H75 inflatable structure

There are many different reasons to choose a Buildair inflatable construction. First of all, the structures are portable, flexible and modular. They can be easily moved from one location to another, as the elements are very light and they fit in a standard sea container. Upon arrival at your new location, it only takes a couple of days to set up the hangar. In addition, you can add modules or remove some if you decide to enlarge or downsize your hangar.

Further, this type of air supported structure has a short delivery time, partially thanks to the shallow foundations. The hangars can be delivered and set up in a very short time. Many of the recent projects are completed in just three months. Finally, as traditional foundation works are not needed, it saves time and costs.

In brief

Middle East
58 000m²
Structure type
Air supported structure
plain, translucent

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