The iconic 11 000-seat Adriatic Arena in Pesaro was updated with a Fluo²Max membrane

This project clearly shows how membranes can efficiently cover large surfaces. This popular multi-use building has an updated roof made of Sioen membranes.

  • Pesaro, Italy
  • Fluo²max Type III - T3117T
  • 12 000m²

The Adriatic Arena in Pesaro, Italy, has many different purposes and can hold up to 11.000 spectators. It was built in 1996. As is clearly visible, the architectural construction has a special shape. That is why it is also known as L’Astronave, Italian for Spaceship, or Coccinella, meaning Ladybird. The Arena is used for basketball games, concerts, exhibitions and even festivals, such as the “Rossini Opera Festival”.

In 2016, the Arena’s roof began to suffer from a number of conceptual errors. The snow fall and other weather conditions had affected the joints and the structure metal. Because of that, the construction was no longer water tight. An entirely new textile membrane was placed and the fixings were renovated and protected. Each new mounting plate has caps, meaning that large surfaces had to be welded on site.

Furthermore, the shutters were also made in Sioen’s architectural membrane. This project is a good example of how architectural membranes can efficiently cover large surfaces. It also clearly demonstrates that the technical details for the installation are very important for the durability and quality of the structure over the years. The shutters in architectural textiles in turn prove that architects feel confident using flexible membranes.

For this tensile solution, our Fluo²Max membrane range was used. This highly qualitative range is designed with our TiO2 prime coating barrier, resulting in an outstanding UV resistance. In addition, thanks to the Fluomax PVDF top coat all UV radiation is blocked.

Interstudio S.r.l. and Maffeis Engineering S.p.A. collaborated to verify the stress of the fabric roof under external load action (wind and snow), among others. Interstudio S.r.l. is a coordinating organisation that assists companies in for example, issues related to safety, environmental prevention, etc. Maffeis Engineering, on the other hand, is a "multi-disciplined engineering firm, employing more than 130 professionals comprising architects, civil, mechanical, facade and structural engineers."

The manufacturer for this project was Taiyo Europe, the "world’s leading tensile architecture contractor that successfully builds award winning projects across the globe." Their "creative designers and engineers work together with architects and other experts to create technically demanding membrane and ePTFE structures."

In brief

12 000m²
Structure type
plain, translucent
Interstudio Srl
Interstudio Srl & Maffeis Engineering Spa
Taiyo Europe GmbH

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