Pompano beach residents and concert fans can now enjoy the all-new tensile membrane

Pompano beach amphitheater upgraded with long span textile roof. the structure is bio inspired, looking like a a huge sea clam

  • Pompano Beach, United States
  • Fluo²max Type IV - T4117T
  • 3 000m²

In late 2020, the existing stage of the Pompano Beach Amphitheater has been upgraded with an all-new tensile membrane from our Fluo2max range.

The venue hosts exceptional events and concerts featuring national touring artists in an intimate and comfortable setting.

Our premium architectural membrane has been chosen to cover 24/7 a year the 3,000 seats of the Amphitheater. The properties of our coated textile allowed the development of lightweight, all-in-tension roof signing an inspired sea clam-shaped landmark few blocks away from the pier.

Seashell-shaped textile roof

With its new tensile roof, the Pompano beach amphiteater became a landmark in the area.

Inspired from nature the circular ridge and vally design calls for a clamp shell opening to show its pearl: good vibes and performances.

A lightweight clear span roof to enhance the concert experience

The membrane roof highlights a 100ft (~30.5m) clear span roof of 30,000 sq.ft. capable of withstanding windspeed of 135mph (ASD, ~217km/h).

The roof now provides solar and rain protections to increase visitors' comfort.

The roof has been designed to be established on exisiting Amphitheater's grandstand. The roof project took is maximising the already made expenses while bringing the location to the next level.

In brief

3 000m²
Structure type
plain, translucent
Bigspan structures

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