Wearing a special lightweight and translucent single skin

Refurbishing the Hugo Boss's HQ with a special edition of our Fluoscrim: a "black version" of our fibre glass reinforced high translucent membrane

  • Coldrerio, Switzerland
  • Fluoscrim
  • 3 000m²

Our Fluoscrim high translucent membrane has been deployed to wrap the roof of Hugo Boss's HQ in Coldrerio.
The skin of the roof presents here all transparency advantages from EFTE with, in addition, strength reinforcement with encapsulated glass fibres. As a result, the roof struture was successfully developed as a large span tensile structure.

Delivered in 2006, the original solution used another roof material from another company which unfortunately has proven some weaknesses unseen at the development stage. It was observed that the former material suffered from inconsistent welding and water permeation in the interlayers.

Hightex Maintenance contacted us to create a special version of our Fluoscrim membrane, to resolve the original issues. Additionally ,Hugo Boss wanted a special colour for its roof.

Our special edition of fluoscrim was successfully tested on a damaged balcony's roof of the building for few years. From the client's satisfaction, the decision was taken to replace the original roof.

Since 2019 our high translucent membrane dresses the whole Hugo Boss Ticino's roof.

In brief

3 000m²
Structure type
Office/administrative building
Hightex Maintenance
M. Thun & Partners

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