Sioen membranes cover the Brent International School’s typhoon-resisting running track and its open gymnasium

For the Brent International School’s running track and Gymnasium, two different Sioen architectural membrane ranges were used: the Easyfluo and the Fluomax.

  • Manila, Philippines
  • Easyfluo Type I - T1117E
  • Fluomax Type III - T3117F
  • 1 850m²

Rize Innovations, a tensile architecture manufacturer in the Philippines has used our Easyfluo membrane for creating an open shade over the running track of the Brent International School. In addition, they used our Fluomax membranes to create a Gymnasium roof.

Running track

The school’s running track was partially covered with our Easyfluo type 1 membrane. The open shade structure was designed to protect the students from the area’s hot weather conditions. As typhoons hit the Philippines around 20 times a year, the structure had to be adapted to the typhoons’ extremely strong winds and heavy rain. Both the running track’s structure and membrane show an impressive storm resistance.

Of course, the main purpose of the shaded running track is solar management. The students are now protected against the high temperatures while doing sports.

Our Sioen Easyfluo membrane is a directly weldable PVC coated polyester fabric with a PVDF surface treatment. This range has the best cost performance ratio.


The Brent International School’s Gymnasium roof was covered with Sioen’s Fluomax membranes. The high point roofing membrane provides sun protection, as well as protection against other weather conditions. In addition, it maintains the natural light atmosphere there would be if there wasn’t a roof. Thanks to the architectural structure’s glare control the students can practise sports without the people in the neighbouring buildings watching them.

The Fluomax Type 3 is a 1150 g/m² low-wick fabric. It is an anti-bacteria treated, UV resistant and flame retardant PVC coating.

Rize innovations

Rize Innovations Inc. is a Philippines-based manufacturer of tensile structures. They design, install and maintain membrane constructions. They did both the running track and gymnasium project.

Brent International School

The Brent International School is located in Manilla and was established in 1984. Their “Episcopal, prep-school heritage preserves a student-centred focus on personal growth: academic, interpersonal, physical and spiritual.” In addition, their “ecumenical approach welcomes students of all nations and beliefs in a caring community where individuals can develop their talents and critical thinking skills to become adaptable, life-long learners in our complex and globalised world.”

In brief

Far East
1 850m²
Structure type
plain, translucent
Rize Innovations Inc.

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