Stylish ridge and valley tensile roof in Liceo Tecnico Felisa Tolup

The roof maximise the visual comfort during day and night.

  • San Fernando, Chile
  • Fluo²max Type II - T2117T
  • 1 100m²

Under the Chilean sun, a new elegant tensile roof efficiently protects ballers and their spectators during heated games.

To protect the students from sunlight, Arqtex's team designed a playground's roof using a lightweight and durable membrane from our premium range fluo2max.

An indirect lighting solution using the excellent reflection coefficient of the membrane was additionally installed.
It allows the conclusion of late games while keeping excellent visual comfort under the structure.

Nothing less than a stylish playground's roof

Arqtex's architectural team designed this permanent ridge and valley type tensile roof for the of the school to maximise the outdoor's experience of the students.

The structure has been precisely developed and executed to deliver an outstanding school outdoor's landmark.

Solar protection and visual comfort

A particular attention was taken for the lighting, which is integrated in the supporting structure.

Visual comfort is maximised during the day through thanks to the excellent transmission index of the membrane avoiding glare, reducing heat island effects and diffusing evenly the light under the structure.

During the night, the high reflection index of the membrane optimises the light diffusion under the structure and reduces at the same time the energy consumption of the spots.

In brief

Latin America
1 100m²
Structure type
plain, translucent

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