Multiple cone structures manufactured with our Fluomax membrane are shading the Al Qassim Mental Health Hospital

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Fluomax Type IV - T4117F
  • 3 000m²

Atsushi Kitagawara Architects uses Easyfluo Roof for the Japanese Expo 2015 Pavilion

  • Milan, Italy
  • Easyfluo Type I - T1117E
  • 950m²

Grandstand Estadio Universitario de Burgos covered with Sioen's Fluomax membranes to provide weather protection

  • Burgos, Spain
  • Fluomax Type II - T2117F
  • 1 300m²

One-piece cone construction made with Fluomax membranes provides sun protection at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

  • Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • Fluomax Type III - T3117F
  • 3 000m²

Easyfluo range provides sun protection at the Sinnar bus terminal

  • Sinnar, India
  • Easyfluo Type II - T2117E
  • 750m²

The Fluomax range shades the Community tents in Al-Bahah, Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Fluomax Type I - T1117F
  • 150m²

Printed facade mesh complements the iconic Château de la Barbinière

  • Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, France
  • Facade
  • 400m²

The Sense City Climate Chamber is wrapped with a digitally printed front

  • Montévrain, France
  • Facade Type - W090721LV

Intel Corp's parking facade featuring 53% porosity mesh

  • Hillsboro, United States
  • Facade Type - W656021LV

Efficent textile roof for a logistic and maintenance hub

  • Tlalnepantla, Mexico
  • Fluomax Type II - T2117F
  • 1 500m²