Shade and cooling on sunny and hot days, shelter on a rainy day, protection on windy days. Protecting people and their possessions from the elements is probably the first application you think of when you hear “Tensile Architecture”.

Thanks to chemical additives that are added to the coating layer, the membranes are very UV resistant. All of our tensile architecture membranes are watertight, low wick and antimicrobial. Thanks to our special fibre treatment, the moisture cannot enter the fabric and your membrane keeps the initial lustre for many years.

That final lacquering increases the durability of the product and enhances cleanability. Depending on the base fabric that is chosen (we offer a type 0 up to type 5), the Sioen tensile architecture range shows an impressive storm resistance.

Safety is a feeling and it’s not always connected to imminent danger. You want to feel the warmth of a homely environment, even when you’re at the office, in a hotel or a restaurant. That feeling can become even more important when you are, for example, hospitalised. A warm and cosy environment might help you rehabilitate faster.

Our membranes can be used to create that much needed cosy feeling. With our textile facades, a second facade is created at a particular distance from the original walls. With our opaque membranes and special translucency for natural daylight, every desired light effect can be created.

Many people are concerned about the reputation of their business. Of course, that mostly depends on the work you do, the products or services you deliver and their quality. An additional factor is your company’s outward appearance. You put a lot of effort in what your website, social media, annual report, etc. look like, and the look of your building is of the same importance. The initial impression can be a decisive criterion.

You can get that first impression right with a membrane structure that covers your parking lot, one that provides shade for pedestrians, with a textile facade, etc. Your architect can design the perfect construction using one of our membranes.

Our membranes include a 10 to 20 year warranty, depending on the type of membrane. That warranty will make you feel even more comfortable, as you know that the fabric you have chosen will last such a long time.

You can rely on our production processes and the high-quality raw materials we use. We are proud that we master all elements of a tensile membrane in-house. We produce our own yarns, have our own weaving mills, produce our master batches (colouring solutions) ourselves and have our own coating lines. By doing so, we closely monitor the quality, making sure you get the best membrane for your design.

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The new heraeus innovation center textile facade: atemporal design with permanent solar protection

  • Hanau, Germany
  • Facade Type - W090721LV
  • 3 500m²

Tensegrity system shading the courtyard of Colegio Miramar in Chile

  • Arica, Chile
  • Easyfluo

Effective rooftop shading with a tensile structure

  • Mexico
  • Fluo²max

Al Faisal's Stadium facade wrapped with SIOEN tensile architecture mesh

  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Facade Type - W090721LV
  • 11 000m²

Wearing a special lightweight and translucent single skin

  • Coldrerio, Switzerland
  • Fluoscrim
  • 3 000m²

Reducing heat island effects with kite sails at Camperdown Plaza

  • Phoenix, United States
  • Fluo²max Type III - T3117T